The Fair at New Boston

I was invited to the Fair at New Boston to act as a safety officer for Gerry and Maria and their group. If I understand my job correctly, I'll walk ahead of the horses and wagon and make sure that people stay clear and aren't trodden under hoof. Maria indicated to me on the phone that this has been a problem in the past

Gerry told me that there are several people there that he wants to take me around and introduce me to. I'm currently the most excited about meeting the 'Surgeon' that is scheduled to be there, I think I can learn a good deal from HIS presentation (if any).

I also think that this'll be a good chance for me to take a look at what other sites do in way of a fair... and to recharge my 'reenactor battery' as it were. With everything that's gone on at Manskers, I've been feeling a little less than enthusiastic about dressing out and doing anything.

Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's the fact that I feel like my interpretation of the 'Doctor' goes completely unappreciated and taken for granted. Maybe it's the mine field I've been walking thru in an effort to pull the Mansker Volunteers together into a single working group.

I really need to get my act together and take my show on the road. Lord knows I've got enough experience between doing costumed birthday parties, Magic, Harry Potter Summer Camps & Mad Science programs that I'd be able to put on one heckuva show for myself. I think all I'd need to do is gather my stuff together.

So far, to my credit, I have:

Blue Apothacary box w/bottles &c.
Doctor's certificate
clothing appropriate to the task
A boatload of period ref. books on the subject

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