At the last meeting of the Mansker/Bowen volunteer group on Sunday July 20th... I got up to speak a little about what all had gone on after the saving of the site. This was the first time I'd really been in town to participate in any of the meetings, even though I had been working like mad to organize folks and rally the troops to attend and do things to save the sites.

We launched an aggressive e-mail and phone calling campaign that got the attention of the city commissioners and mayor. I went out to the Red River Meeting House for the first time to speak to the folks there about helping to save the sites before I left town to take Kieffer to national SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City, MO. I met with them that Saturday, then rushed home to pack so we could leave early Sunday morning.

I still made calls and sent e-mails while I was in Kansas City. We got free WiFi in the lobby... so Kieffer and I would take the competition computer down to the Lobby and set up camp. I sent emails and talked to people that were going to the big city meeting that Thursday night. Kieffer even snapped a few pictures in the lobby. We spent alot of time down there.

To be continued...

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