We have all been personally invited to attend this meeting next Thursday, and I am going to STRONGLY encourage you to all be there dressed out in your 18th Century clothing. The meeting will be held at Goodlettsville City Hall and it starts at 6:30... be there early!

There will be an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting for us to stand up and have our say... but they're not going to listen to us if we are all passion and anger and not talking sense. We need to go in there and speak the language that they'll understand... dollars and cents and propose intelligent ways to save the sites.

Having spoken to most of the critical guys involved, the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Commissioners and the City Manager yesterday... I know that many of them are willing to listen to options for keeping the sites open.

They weren't ALL happy to speak to me... several were a little peeved that I was calling them on their cell phones in the middle of their dinner. ;)

I've come up with a proposal that will save the sites... and keep the volunteers and city happy at the same time. I really DO believe that it's a business model that can work for all parties involved AND even potentially be a money maker.

I will be talking more about this at the Red River event tomorrow! Be there if you can!

In the meantime, the commissioners and Mayor are starting to really feel the heat, several of them mentioned this to me yesterday on the phone... keep those calls and e-mails rolling in! Keep up the good work everyone, we can do this!

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