The Moore-Bowen wedding

On Saturday May 31st, we held a reenactment of the Armstead Moore/Tabitha Bowen wedding that occurred in 1796. Tabitha was the eldest of Capt. Bowen's daughters and the first to marry. I got pegged to play Moore, and Samantha, one of our other volunteers, got picked to play Tabitha. Frank Jarboe was the parson that performed the cerimony from his 1720's bible.

I wore slightly different clothing than usual, and Samantha and her friend made their own dresses of the occasion. Nice job girls! We had a good bit of the public brave the heat for the event, and afterward they stayed to eat and dance. I took my two oldest, Lucy and Molly to the event, they got a chance to wear their new dresses and hats for the occasion.

In this picture, Molly (in purple) leaps with excitement while Lucy (in red) looks slightly put out by her little sister's enthusiasm.

The girls had fun. They were the youngest kids at this event and got star treatment from all the older girls in attendance.

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