Mansker His Station, 9 April, 1780


THIS may inform all whom it might concern,
that herein is contained the most accurate description of the gentleman known as 'DOCTOR B. JONAS' as can be assembled. Please bear in remembrance that much of this knowledge comes from several of his known companions, tax receipts, ship manifests, apprenticeship contracts &c. as well as testimony from the Hart family & other eye witnesses to the deeds of 'the Doctor'.

Born in England, spent his youth in York and speaks very good English : Had on an old linen Shirt many times mended, the right arm of which still bears the warpaint from the face of a savage he dispatched some time ago, a pair of green Trowsers, a walnut dyed Waistcoat with black leather buttons upon its face, and a fine black wool Coat which is white on its interior and missing several of its pewter buttons, a pair of heavy brown Stockings with either a pair of riding boots or wax covered shoes, with a good Hat and Wig. He is often known to travel with a blue box that is believed to contain a few of his personal items as well as the medicines used in his craft.

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