The Doctor answers the call to arms

...a small, strong cabin of Captain Martin's, being a little detached from the rest, and locked, having a table and some other things in it, I climbed up to the top of the chimney, and flung it down until it was so low that I could drop into the house without hurting myself, not being able to support myself with my feet against the logs, and cut the lock of the door loose. By this time my friend had got his hog-he being best able to walk - filled a keg with water, and collecting some wood, getting in some corn, we barred (the) door, knocked out some port-holes, set the table in the middle of the floor, and spread our arms and ammunition in order, and waited...

-George Rogers Clark, 1776

The raid on Martin's Station reenactment can be better described as an "on-going living history demonstration" rather than a "reenactment" by its usual definition. While the event is hosted, and coordinated by the Wilderness Road State Park, it is sponsored by the parks friends group, the activities associated with the raid and trade fair are the combined efforts of the local civic, community, and school groups, 18th century suttlers and merchants, and various military and native reenactment groups.


I have been invited to take part in this very large, juried event. I got my acceptance letter from Mr. Heck himself a few days ago. Having been invited by Lt. Wm. Maddox and approved by Capt. France, I shall be joining Capt. France's company in a small camp a little ways away from the station proper.

I do not know much about the lay of the land, but I did discover a map that might be of some service to me:

I believe that the Lieutenant told me that we will be near the area marked as 'Hunter's Camp'. We will be in the woods a bit, that I know for certain. There should be ten in our company, some of them I know, Lt. Maddox, Mr. McKaye, but most will be new to me.

I have much work to do to make ready for the trip. I have to fashion a sturdy leather strap to bind my blankets and simple pack together for travel. I also have to make a few small bags in which to carry some food for myself. I believe I have enough spare linen to get the job done.

The last order of business is to fix my wig and patch my shirt. It will not do for me to meet Capts. Martin and Titus with a threadbare shirt... I may even have to break down and wash it.

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