Musings of an 18th century man.

I've been doing this for quite some time now.

Traveling between two time periods that is... not blogging. The blogging part is actually quite new to me.

I suppose all things being equal, I have been going back and forth between this present year and 1780 for about six or seven years. I started off as the 'schoolmaster' because I had no other viable 18th century skills... I couldn't 'carpenter' or 'blacksmith'... I couldn't hunt or fish... I wasn't much of a soldier... and given my 21st century occupation, schoolmaster seemed like a natural fit.

SO I began my 18th Century occupation as 'schoolmaster'. The problem I discovered after a time was that I became the de-facto fort babysitter... not good. Once the shine began to fade from that job, I began to 'apprentice' with the fort doctor (Thomas Walker). After a few short weeks at this, I was thrust into the doctor position when Doctor Walker was whisked away to the World War II era!

Now as the fort physician, I have my own cabin and a real position of prominence!

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