A few weekends ago there was an indian raid on the fort and the local citizenry were forced to defend themselves.

This battle had been planned out for months ahead of time... and my hand-to-hand fight with one of the indians was no different. All the practice and being thrown around only served to remind me that I am not as young as I used to be... That lousy indian kid really threw me around with great gusto! Especially during the real thing.

During the course of the fracas, I lost both shoes and my period spectacles. I got thrown flat on my back and a leg/hip injury that ached for days. I also got the Indian's black and red face paint all over my right sleeve and a big hole in the shoulder of my linen shirt. In short, it was awesome!

Mark (the aforementioned lousy indian kid) was a really great sport and I really feel like our hand-to-hand scenario was one of the highlights of the battle for the public in attendance.

In the end, all our goals for the battle were met... Safety for all involved, and entertainment for the guests of the fort/park. And the Doctor lived to tell the tale!

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