Fort Boonesborough

AVING recently returned from Fort Boonesborough, I find that my household has increased by one!

During my visit I came across a young woman who had recently found herself stranded upon the frontier, and was attempting to find work. She had nearly decided upon laundering clothes as a means to provide for herself when I crossed her path.

After some brief discussion, I set upon the idea of hiring this poor creature as a Governess for my children, as my girls could use some refinement of the more civilized and female variety. She seemed quite excited by the prospect and was able to produce excellent references. After a satisfactory conclusion to our interview in my cabin, I told her that I thought she was perfectly suited for the position, so we settled on a wage and struck hands upon the deal.

A portrait of the Governess at Fort Boonesborough

That evening, Saturday the 19th, I took a light supper and gave a lecture to a large assembled group. They seemed to take great pleasure in my talk, and I slept well in the knowing that I had armed these new 'Kentuckians' with the knowledge to perform some simple surgeries in the event the worst should befall them and the fort.

More on this at a later date, as the candle grows dim and I must away to bed so as to be fit to know upon the morrow.

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Cassandra said...

I'm not dead!
Why do you lock me in the attic Albert do you not love me anymore!
I don't like that new governess you hired I see how you look at her !