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Specializing in affordable period bonnets, hats etc from the Regency and beyond!

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American Duchess said...

I've commissioned two bonnets from Maggie, one for myself and one for my mother. Maggie had them made up and shipped within two weeks of my ordering, and she hadn't even seen the dresses they were made to go with! I just described the colors I wanted, and a little about the character of my dress (I think I said "more on the demure side, middle-class lady"), and when I opened the box I was absolutely stunned. I got SO MANY compliments on my bonnet, and it absolutely took my dress to the next level. Same with my mom's, it's just stunning, and she was thrilled! I cannot recommend Maggie enough. She's shockingly good at this, really fast (if you get in her queue right away), and very affordable.