The Coming Months

Upon a careful review of my schedule, it occurs to me again why it is important for me to write things down. Elsewise, I would never remember where (and often WHEN) I was off to next! Below fair reader, you will make a more perfect discoverie of my schedule for the coming months.

Original Painting by Ken Smith, Original Poster design by Albert Roberts
1760: Cherokee Victory at Fort Loudoun
Fort Loudoun
August 6-8
Vonore, TN.


Fair at New Boston
September 4th - 5th 2010
Springfield, OH

Painted Stone Settlers
Long Run Massacre
September 10th - 12th
Shelbyville, KY.

100 Years at the Falls
Farnsley-Moremon Landing,
Sept 17-19
Louisville, KY.

19th Century Trades
Traveller's Rest
September 22-23
Nashville, TN.

The Doctor's Daughters at Rock Castle
Daniel Smith Days
Rock Castle
September 25th - 26th
Hendersonville TN


Mississinewa 1812:
October 8, 9 &10
Marion, IN.

Fort Loudoun
Garrison Weekend
October 9-10
Vonore, TN.

Original Poster Design by Albert Roberts
Schoenbrunn Village Fair
October 16-17
New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Locust Grove
Trade Fair
October 30th - 31st
Louisville, KY


Rowenna said...

Enjoy your upcoming events--especially Fair at New Boston! I miss that event, haven't been in years. :(

Deedee said...

Looking forward to seeing the doctor again at New Boston! Don't forget Oct 23 in Xenia, OH! Hope to see you there as well! :)