If you are a follower of my TWO Journals, one for the Colonial Doctor and one for the Regency Doctor, then have I got news for you!

I have decided to take the TWO journals and turn them into ONE big Doctor journal. So now there will be in character posts for the two main Doctors I do. The Colonial Doctor and the Regency Doctor.

I hope this isn't TOO confusing for you fair reader, but I do believe that it will be the easiest thing for all parties concerned. Me in that I only have to update ONE journal, and you in that you only have to remember to keep up with ONE journal.

I have also begun to add LABELS to my posts, so if you have particular topics of interest, you can find them easier. The LABELS can be found at the bottom of each post below where it says "Written by the hand of The Doctor at".

You can also find a guide to the various types of LABELS along the left side of the page just above my Facebook badge.

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