A letter unanswered

Below, find a copy of the last letter sent by myself to Capt. Martin. There was no answer.
Novbr 23

My dear Capt. Martin,

It pleases me greatly that I was able to lend the aid of my profession when I was at the Station May last. I understand from various correspondences that those upon whom I plied my surgeries are all returned to a state of good health! More men to lend their weapons to the defense of the Station in yr Militia.

I have done a great deal of traveling upon ye frontier in the past months, but have seen no land as beautiful as what is to be found about your station there, no doubt some of the most beautiful in God's Creation. It was my extreme pleasure to stay there in yr brother's unfinished cabin. Tho incomplete, it kept off the chill and the wet, which is all any man can ask of a structure of that sort.

Please pass along my regards to Mr. Deeds as well as young misters Beeler & Teague, who were so jovial and such agreeable company when I visited last. 

It is my belief that I shall find myself in the Powell's Valley area again in May of the coming year. Know Sir, that if summon'd again by your letter, I shall bestow myself with speed to the Cumberland Gap to lend you my aid Physick & Surgical.

My girls here join with me in presenting their best compliments to yourself and your family. If, in any of your affairs, I can render you any acceptable service, I beg you will use that freedom with which I wish you to command, my dear Sir,

Your most humble and obedient servant,

Dr. A. Roberts

As my letter has been unanswered, I have made arrangements to meet Capt. B. Logan and his men in Powell's Valley. Capt. Logan will house me during the course of our stay. I most sincerely hope to find my friend Capt Jos. Martin in good spirits and the station there thriving, but I have begun to fear the worst given the generally poor disposition of the natives in that part of the country.

I have resign'd to make haste toward Virginia as soon as I am able to pack my things into the blue wagon. I have but a few more items of business to tend to locally before I can leave. You may rest assured Fair Reader, that I will keep my journal up whilst I am away.

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