My Winter Adventure

Digging out the interior of the tightly packed 'polar dome'. We slept in this beast for the three nights we stayed in the field.

The view on the frozen 'Flash Lake' where we got our drinking water while in camp. Our campsites were right beside it.

Traveled to Ely MN right after Christmas with a group from school. Slept outside in the snow and ice, built a polar dome (igloo), dogsledding, ice fishing, crossed a frozen lake with an island in the middle of it. It got down to zero the very first night out in the polar dome... and you haven't lived til you wake up with snow in your face.

At one point, my foot broke thru the ice of Flash Lake and my right foot got wet. It turned pretty ugly... frostbite sucks. Didn't loose anything tho, and had a fantastic time. I got to see things that I've never seen before and do things I might never get to do again... which was what it was all about.

I learned some interesting things about cold weather survival... like the fact that I can do it.


Berwick said...

Is that "Pole Dome" like an igloo then? Or more of a hollowed out hole in the snow. And did any Pole Dancing take place on this trip? :)

The Doctor said...

No pole dancing... too cold for it!

A polar dome is very similar to an igloo... it's a tightly packed mound of snow that you dig the middle out of.