Hire the COLONIAL Doctor

HE DOCTOR, having recently returned from the forted station along Mansker’s Creek, travels the savage frontier in an effort to educate and enlighten the settlers in the art and mystery of 18th-century medicine, or "physick" as it is commonly known. It is his belief that good health is tantamount to a strong and new nation, particularly one that signed its Declaration of Independence a mere four years prior.

The Doctor's strong suit is his ability to demonstrate period-appropriate medical "procedures" for the public. His experience in performing and teaching sleight-of-hand tricks has allowed him to "amputate" a leg, "draw" a tooth, and tend to "wounded" soldiers in post-battle triage.

For the gentler ailments, the Doctor prescribes plain and easy means for persons to cure themselves of all (or most) of the distempers incident to the period, armed with the latest techniques and apocatherian treatments.

The Doctor's presentations continue throughout the extent of his stay, whether he is attending to the public or walking about and interacting with other interpreters. Those who will please to favour him with their employ may depend upon the strictest attendance and attention to Economy. Contact the Doctor to schedule an appointment today!

Medical presentation= $150
(a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A session)
An educational first person presentation for kids and adults alike that demonstrates and explains common surgical techniques of the day. Topics include bleeding, dentistry, musket ball removal, amputation, even cranial surgery.

Weekend rate= $400
(for school or event, four one-hour long presentations)
The most economical way to custom build a weekend's worth of education and entertainment for your guests. You may want three medical presentations on a Saturday, then have one more on Sunday before your event is over. Or plan two presentations per day. The ‘Weekend rate' is an economical choice that gives you the freedom to mix and match four separate hour-long presentations.

And between performances, The Doctor's first person characterization continues, whether he is attending to the public or walking about and interacting with other interpreters.

Travel and Lodging fees may also apply, please contact for details.

To book an appearance contact:
Albert Roberts

A portion of a discussion the Doctor gave to a group of adults at
Fort Boonesborough in Nov. 2009

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